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  1. Raptor Claus Drops Whats the best stuff you guys have found in Raptor Claus drops so far this year? Im playing on default non-dedicated so the best im getting are journeyman sword and crossbow blueprints but i’ve seen some folks online such as Syntac get ascendant blueprints. What kind of loot is Raptor Claus sending you guys?
  2. If only this worked on consoles, such a good idea!
  3. Where is Gacha Claus? Yo has anyone found the Gacha Claus on the Island? Ive done like ten laps of the map and have not seen a single one, ive just got argeys full of coal and mistletoe. Help anyone plz, is there any trick to finding him?
  4. I have everything useful, thousands of metal n tons of rexes but its just the grind for good rexes and blueprints, aswell as trying to get the artifacts in the underwater caves that are packed with mobs, im on default settings and i dont trade or sell or anything.
  5. I thought id always love it too but 800 hours of solo official grinding for nothing is becoming torture.
  6. Is this game worth playing legit? Has anybody noticed that every time you look up how to do something in ark all the comments or instructional video makers are always voicing their disappointment or dislike of whatever their talking about. I’ve put over 850 hours into the game on default settings and i still have made no progress. Thought deep sea loot crates would be a good boost in progression but- -only two on map at a time -Mostly garbage -Lieoplueradon only lasts 30 minutes Thought breeding would help but- -Takes hours -Takes tons and tons of meat an
  7. Anybody play default server settings? Has anybody here actually finished the game with normal default server settings? Asking for a friend. I’ve been playing on default non-dedicated server settings (0.2 difficulty) with some friends on one world and one character for years now and im only just starting to try to fight the bosses which may not even scale with difficulty, surely people have done it though? Like the Alpha bosses and all the caves and that? Every time i try to find video its always boosted server settings.
  8. Future TLC ideas? Anybody got any good ideas for TLC updates? Such as which dinos need TLC and what would you change/add to the TLC’d dinos?
  9. Anybody ever lost save data? Was considering hosting a new non-dedicated server on a new map. I’ve played 3 years on TheIsland and don’t want to start a new world just for me to lose the old one. I’m kinda worried if i start a new world i might somehow lose the old one if i change the map, anybody experienced this happening or should i be fine?
  10. Share your most memorable experiences! Tell me about your most memorable experiences playing Ark, whether it was a really intense tribe war or the strangest new thing you’ve experienced.
  11. I guess because its a non-dedicated server itd be official settings? Although i think the default difficulty for official is one while my servers default is 0.2 which is restricting
  12. Wouldn’t the difficulty of the boss change with the difficulty server setting? Cuz the default for my server type is 0.2 which makes the highest possible wild spawn lvl 36 but wouldnt the boss also scale depending on the difficulty?
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