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  1. its probably a bug in the server your playing. or maybe your internet. its not the games fault because it works absolutely fine for me maybe what your playing on cant handle the game or the server you play on but its kind of disrespectful making fun of wild card please dont like attack me because of this but its not the games fault its either your platform or the server you play or maybe your game might be a bit corrupted or scratched if its a disc
  2. Well me and my friends found a rex for he first time so we attempted to knock it out we did ,manage to et it down but my friend thought he might test how strong the rex was by shooting it with a shotgun and it frickin died. I was soooooo angry. But we then found so e raptors a parasaur and a trike which me managed to tame we went back to base and continued building my incubation chamber.
  3. Primitive+ My friend and I have been playing on primitive plus and his game keeps crashing and we donr know why does anyone know how to resolve this
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