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  1. I have the same issue, however I only receive it when I try to load my 'the island' server. SInce there is no DLC to uncheck (which I have done regardless) and after redownloading the whole game which I would assume is the same fix for the island, I am kinda stuck. Ended up starting on Ragnarock today, but feeling lonely without my old dino friends Attached is my error code and like OP said I also dont have the H drive.
  2. The UE4- Shooter Game crash (something to do with thanksgiving event) Hi, So I managed to play ARK this morning without any issues on my non-dedicated hosted server. About 5 hours later I receive the attached error as soon as I try to host the server. What I have tried so far: Veirified integrity of game files and deleted local files. Also as a test I was able to join another server online. Any help would be appreciated ! update: Sucessfully hosted new server on Ragnarok map and tested the Island again with same error
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