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  1. I'll honestly be fine if they just managed to give me the dinos I actually would want back. I don't care for the resources as long as I get the main dino back to get them. Other than that man. Setting a Pin on isolated building they still managed to access it and steal some other stuff that was locked away.... Tribe Governance could honestly do somework.
  2. I was told to try, someone mention that they changed some policy about this since its a common occurrence and they might try to do something about it.
  3. Insided Dino and Vault Wipe As of November 24 2019, I had invited a player last night Nov 23, 2019. Came back the next morning to see that I have been wipe of my dinos. I am trying to contact a gm but there's so much hoop to jump through just to get them. I have screen shot of them in the act while trying to transfer away with all my dinos and materials. This happen on server Playstation NA PVE 844 around 11:20am The culprit I invited to my tribe on PSN - whose name was quirky-husky before changing it. The other two seem to be a part of it while they were transferring all my dinos and stuff infront of me at the Red Obelisk. Those two are named THIS HAPPEN ON PVE SERVER 844 ON THE PLAYSTATION SIDE, PLEASE BE AWARE OF THESE THREE PLAYERS SERVER HOPING AND WIPING, Tribe name is MasFace. I have screenshots of them before they made their escape, wont allow me to update here, but name is written above... Can't get in touch with a GM as quickly as I can... They emptied my Cryofridge of 40+ Dinos..
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