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  1. They did give plenty warnings perhaps you weren't on and missed them?
  2. Yeah 40 is a slight overkill. Thats a crazy amount my server has had three and they were destructive just on there lonesome.
  3. That's crazy, buI gues we just have to learn, I've learned not to log on the tribes house boat. You wake up "You were killed by piranhas"
  4. The dodorex is beatable, though nobody said he'd be easy. He's pvps best friend but hey, No worries though the day of the giving will be over soon. That should solve your problems.
  5. Daeodon for wyvern raising Does using a daeodon effect the stats of the wyvern? I play on the island and am willing to raise them in ragnarok with milk but if i can get the eggs and go back to my server to raise them I would much rather prefer to do so.
  6. Alright, the fun part will be the milk farming than. :`) I know to tranq not kill. Thank you guys Four wyverns to get, I'm going to enjoy this.
  7. Wyvern Hello, the names Shaggy, or Goku. Now I'm only about a week or so of experience in the world of Ark but I've noticed one thing, Wyverns are the real deal. I play on The island in pve and I've seen wyverns yet I know they aren't on my server. Now I have a small tribe of four and we were talking about getting them, so how would be the best way to get one for each of us, I don't want to buy one with real money. I just want tips for in game trading or tips on taming them myself in which takes up to what is it 4 days a wyvern? Any help would be appreciated .
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