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  1. tell me if it worked ? or still same issue ? did u try remapping ur ports on ur router ?
  2. try the following . reboot router or if u can contact support of ur internet provider . and tell them about ur problem and ask them about game ports if they are open . thats what i did and a couple of days later it worked .
  3. @ChaseOn try now it worked today
  4. me too man i was hoping it would be patched by now still nothing . good thing i have another internet provider already installed . works on the second one and not main one . crazy !
  5. same issue here and started since the release of crystal isles as well .
  6. let me know when ur internet works mate .
  7. yessir 311.81 on both pc's . its weird that 1 isp works perfectly . on both machines . and the other isp time out on both as well . i agree with u its not client server build n .
  8. i have 2 adsl connections and 2 pc's one of them is experiencing same symptom as mentioned time out on alll servers . other is connecting perfectly . i switched cables and it still gave the time out on that specific isp/dsl even on different machine . might be internet cluster issue ? cause im sure its not client .
  9. @Cedric regardless of some offensive comments here, were with u guys take whatever time u need . not all will share the same point of view and some will be disappointed but at the end solidarity matters . cheers and stay strong .
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