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  1. Always someone complaining about PvP on every forum... OP, I find that making suggestions works better than complaining. Do you have any reasonable suggestions as to how this can be resolved? Because it sure as hell takes more than just fiddling with a couple of numbers, especially if the game is to be semi-consistent. Unfortunately citing things like the flier nerf are only going to hurt your case. You know as much as everyone that was a generally needed balance pass, not that nasty PvP harming your PvE gameplay. Much like the original nerf to tame stats, sometimes people forget that the devs simply have the desire (and right) for the game to hold challenge or be engaging. If you want Quetzals that cross the island in 0.5 seconds and one-shots gigas, go develop a mod for it, but it's not the game the devs want...PvE or PvP. I suspect that motivation for challenge is a large part of what you are clashing heads with, not that nasty PvP.
  2. The other way to think about this is that people are driven away from the game early on because what OP describes makes for a poor experience. On the other hand, an outright wipe seems like a bandaid solution and not particularly fair either. Perhaps we can have a set of servers that are designed to wipe every few weeks/months? This means that newer players, or those that appreciate a dynamic or challenging experience, can take to them and be part of actually playing the game - and those who have established tribes on the permanent servers can still feel smug about having super dinos and using them to one-shot the local wildlife.
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