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  1. Trouble joining servers I’m on Xbox one and I’ve been trying to login to official servers and I keep running into the “could not retrieve address” problem, and I’ve tried many things to fix it. I can only join single player and player dedicated servers. Anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Questions about pvp Hey everyone, I had a couple questions about pvp, because I want to get back into and it’s been a few years. I want to join a small tribe server and I was wondering if there is any small tribe servers that have offline prevention damage. And if there isn’t, is there any other player dedicated servers like this? This would be so helpful to me if anyone has any idea of these topics. And my platform is Xbox.
  3. For a person like myself who is very busy with school and out of school activities along with a job, it feels like this game just needs to have a little more leeway for people who have a lot of responsibilities. PvE is nice because you won’t be wiped out or raided every time you aren’t there to prevent it. And taking on the environment is cool with all the Dino’s and structures etc. Although it misses the heart racing adrenaline rush that PvP brings to the table. It’s cool to attack other people because of its rewards and just satisfactory. But like I said before, you will spend too many hours just to lose it all in PvP. Ark needs a new system (a separate game mode) that allows players to have pvp in it, but still have peace and pve aspects. Anyone have any ideas? Or is there anything new that has come out, relative to this?
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