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  1. Fix your game damn Yo I spent a lot of money on this game and it seems like y’all can’t get your stuff together studio wildcard thanks
  2. Why can’t I transfer Why can’t I transfer
  3. Dam cuz All my other stuff is ready
  4. I got like 10 gigas out And I know the food is about to run out RIP Thanks Ark
  5. Y Why can’t I log into Ark
  6. When does the event start Can somebody please tell me when the event start
  7. If you knew it wasn’t ready why would you put it out there that it will be wild card y’all dumb y’all bring this on yourself
  8. For one if I pay for something it needs to be here on time I’m not a kid I do grown man poop give me my game that I pay for
  9. I would never buy another wildcard game
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