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  1. Vape123

    Ideas for Ark 2

    make it so people cant modify the INI for an advantage, would like to be able to use foliage and bush strategically.
  2. Theres no benefit to building one over the other since turrets can turn 360 to shoot things anyway
  3. Lost a skiff to the barrier, had a metal ocean plat in the south west corner on the island where the two wall barriers seperate on pvp, just a FYI. this happened after they tuned it down a bit recently.
  4. as it has been mentioned armor on saddles doesnt matter, the dinotaurs VR giga, inflict a bleed and rot down your dinos, solo on official youll either run out of time or be overwhelmed by the VR dinos, you can not find a good balance between picking up the keys and killing the dinos that spawn, your only real chance is to take more people to help you, so many fake youtube videos out there ppl cheesing it with godmode on just for a few likes its cringe. this fight isnt soloable on official and if you say you did it i dont beleive you stop misleading people.
  5. Theres been issues with gigas not spawning in singleplayer alot in the past not sure if its been addressed but i also play singleplayer and have xperienced this issue myself, for me its resolved. i play with s+ arkomatic, hg stack 5000/90% and bitouk's binoculars. i also play with -preventhibernation command, never noticed bronto spawns as i only ever tamed 1 in 3k hours xd
  6. either way he cant avoid the walkdown i think its all been patched but its a possible option i just cant confirm it works on official
  7. for a solo or duo in this guys case to complete the tek cave easier, so you run the cave on gamma dont deal with any gigas and lower level creatures, then fight alpha boss.
  8. on 3 different unofficial servers its been possible to run the tek cave on gamma, leave your tames in the area with windows looking into backdrops of the island bosses, die, go back down on alpha difficulty in a glider or stealth rockdrake and kill overseer on alpha - i have no idea if this is possible on official but works on 3 different pvp clusters 1 of which very popular so makes me think its instanced maybe?.
  9. i watched a level 15 wild megaladon kill someones tamed 224ish mosa going round in circles the mosa couldnt hit it lol.
  10. so say what else is in there instead of just saying it wasnt just that, all i see is fixed a bug here, fixed a bug there, mines 14gb getting a joke.
  11. Genesis RUBBISH What a waste of time what is this map it just doesnt feel like ark, cant even fly, go ahead ban me from your forums for saying somthing bad about your game im done anyway what a load of utter rubbish is this all you guys can think of really - no imagination or creativity whatsoever, DULL DULL DULL. Gaiming in 2020 summarised in one expansion from what was once a good game.
  12. ok so i refunded wolcen the launch was a disaster, dont mess this up please lol.
  13. i bought wolcen, surely the launch cant be as bad as wolcens, can it?. also wish i had the ark theme tune midi files to mess with haha nice
  14. i bought wolcen, surely the launch cant be as bad as wolcens, can it?.
  15. hey i can confirm on pve official traders are selling base mdmg 605's and 615's with breeders claiming to have 645+
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