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  1. You have allways breed the eggs on Valguero then you can try to transfer the wyvern but you have allways 50 or 25% bad luck...
  2. Ticket is now 8 days open, and this is not funny if you got hacked or of a poop bug lost all your stuff what you got in 1600 Hr.....
  3. WC is the abbreviation for toilet ... I hope you now know haha
  4. nobody has a plan of it?
  5. the problem is im the leader but my leader hero got lost of server transfer, so only 1 Gm can cange my base or Hacker but I think it's a nice bug from Wc So why does my house change owners, even though I am the manager, within 1 min?
  6. Support Help... I was hacked or something else went wrong .... Why do I have to wait for the support for over 1 week now, it usually takes 2-4 days if I have lost anything or anything, but where I now lose my base with 1600 hours no one reports and one of the tickets has been closed? REALYYY. here is some detail about my problem. 1. server crash 2. I log in and I am dead, and I cannot swan in my base because I was no longer in the tribe. 3. I go to my base and tell a member to invite me again 4. hta made it but we were only in the alliance, we tried the couple of times, and in the event of an incident he had to enter a blanket, then we logged off and suddenly the base no longer belonged to us? now it belongs to an EQWEQWE. 5 we are all in the Tribe only the owner of my base has changed ?!
  7. Lost Mainbase hi after the last server crash I logged in and found that my base suddenly belongs to someone else ?! I still had all my tribe and tribe members but my base now belongs to a QWEWQWE? and I have no access to anything.
  8. it was all closed, a colleague even came over to see if he had access to it, but he did not ... and my safe was strangely open .... and I'm alone in the stam
  9. tek detitace storage lost items Hi Im Play Theisland 395 I opened up a few days ago tek detitace storage and filled, today when I log in, I had to realize that they were empty at a time even my Tersor was empty? and nobody was able to get into my base and the safes were locked ...
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