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  1. I too am on Scorched Conquest 20 and transfers have been done for longer than I can remember. I miss being able to transfer out and it is preventing us for doing many things off server. Please fix soon.
  2. Currently the webs are only fully usable on island, center, and rag. (Not tested scorched)
  3. If you are playing PvE then lure a defense unit or attack drone to the gate. They will destroy it if it isn't being defended. If you are playing PvP then suck it up and fob up
  4. Up the difficulty in game settings
  5. Being a resident of one of the said caves, I hope they rethink the situation before resorting to wiping bases on every genesis server they released. ?
  6. Pillars have 6x damage due to no fliers. You've been warned
  7. I enjoy there being no fliers. If there were fliers then people would complain that the map is too small or that there are even less base spots due to pillars being easier to raid. If you hate these so much then go to the new servers that have no missions but fliers and building enabled everywhere
  8. Pillaring people in is a long known issue for PvE. It's one reason I don't play it anymore. Wildcard doesn't have to do anything about it. If you build somewhere in PvE then you need to put down pillars in the area before you start building. In a wide area so you can build and expand. There are a few PvE streamers who push that hard. I suggest moving.
  9. The amount of small tribes servers is too small in my opinion too. I hope there are plans to add more servers in the future. There are so many people that sit at the main menu for hours pressing join.
  10. I am moving my pc because my download speed is so bad lol
  11. I need wood for everything before that tho ?
  12. Right, i forgot how long it was It was still a new thing. It was very interesting. I liked it though so can't complain here.
  13. I hope can transfer anything out immediately and not like when val released, had to wait a few months before can transfer items and dinos out Transfers out on Val were after a few weeks
  14. 2 things. 1. Yes. Look up 'Ark Genesis Countdown's on Google. The Twitter has a link to the gamepedia so trust that time. 2. People will be sad to know that a refund is highly unlikely.
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