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  1. Losing uploaded stuff, progress & achievements, when transfering! Hi everyone, I got an issue, when i'm transfering between different save games in Ark. The problem is, that if I upload items/dinos at a terminal or beacon from my own server and then go into my singleplayer save, (or the other way around) it happens that all the stuff are gone AND all of my achievements to get ps4 trophies are gone also. I have the trophies on my ps4 of course, but it's the progress to get them, that gets deleted and my maps gets reset too. That means that I have to tame all crestures and collect all notes over and over... does anyone know what the problem is or have'd same experience? By the way, it doesn't matter have a save file in cloud or usb... it's like it is my profile itself that get's deleted.
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