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  1. I know they changed the depth limits recently, and was able to breed at the bottom of CI. Where are they able to actually be hatched aside from Genesis and Rag trench? Cant do it on CI that I’ve found
  2. On XB1 official PVE, can people not in my tribe turn on my tek replicator? I’ve noticed that you can turn other tribes crafting/cooking machines (indy forge, fabricator, grill, etc), potentially wasting all their gas. Does it work the same with replicators?
  3. Alright thanks, I’m just a worrying sort of person haha. After awhile I did apologize but I think they went offline. Definitely not planning on doing it again, but didn’t think it was a huge deal since no damage was done
  4. Gotcha. I see. Are there different levels of bans? Or is this perma ban kind of offense?
  5. I’m on an official PVE server (crystal isles). I was getting chased by some wyverns and flew to a guys base (right beside the wyv heir cave) who had plant x setup. The plant x killed all the wyvs and none of the other players dinos/structures were destroyed. But now the owner of that base said that he’s reporting me for kiting and “has video evidence.” I did this once. Since the tribe was throwing a hissy fit about it I was being rude (no name calling, just sarcasm) they’re saying I’m going to get banned. Am I going to get banned for kiting wyvs to another players base so that their
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