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  1. I didn't state the PVP would be meaningless, you inferred it. If this wouldn't be fun for you then no worries, it will be fun for others. There is no admin bias if both sides are spawned in the same stuff. Just a fair fight where skill, strategy and teamwork will decide the winner. Hyperinflation only pertains to things valued in currency. The only currency here is time, and this doesn't favor the tribe who has many more hours to play the game and grind. Not everyone may be after the same experience as you. Best of luck on other servers, it doesn't sound like this is the one for you.
  2. This is an unofficial server of which I am the admin. I can designate a time and place on the map for a PVP war between tribes, use creative mode to spawn in plenty of gear, ammo, building materials to build up and then said tribes meet and agree to a tribe war. Nobody needs to sacrifice any valuables they don't agree to. There are many possibilities. Any productive suggestions welcome.
  3. Perhaps you're confusing a good idea that's been poorly implemented as a bad idea. Any productive suggestions on how to make it work are welcome.
  4. New ARK PVE\PVP Community Hello, I'm interested in starting a small community for dedicated ARK players. I have a private server and would like to setup a PVE first but PVP if tribe war declared/accepted scenario. I can host a web forum and discord community dedicated to the server as well where we can discuss mods to add, maps, configuration tweaks etc. Builders welcome, resource gathering can be set high to reduce the grind. I'm open to any settings we can all agree on. All suggestions welcome. (edit) The server is for PC clients. #7009 on Discord (Rogue0) Send me a message and join the community.
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