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  1. -86766 -74259 34047 -108.95 -3.30 not a mesh false positive but there's a map hole here
  2. my first thought was actually dodoAstrocetus because of that turret there then I remembered its not halloween yet
  3. ours are ddos so maybe its a whole different thing across the servers. hackers are probably very much free now that they got no day job to do besides ruining stuff for now we can only furiously spam this thread until someone from wc actually bothers to look out the window. there are other means to get attention but that may not work well if we want to see genesis part 2.
  4. wc has always run as a regular business company. its not a publisher, and customer support are people who are either volunteers or non-essential staff like official mod creators. they have a working hours. things hardly move outside of working hours. the servers affected can be getting ddos attacked and no one is available at wc to read the ransom notes. I can see my server comes up for a brief minute and goes back down again. this is not a sign of power outage. and this has been happening for the longest time. the last time a ddos happened with wc as witness they just say "lets not
  5. I'm 100% sure you didn't finish reading my post
  6. with the amount of people reporting they've begun to ignore it since the game is still in early acc- there's also this going on and the emotional health of the company is more important than our virtual pet's /s here's a list of the official servers that are affected. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark?features[2e079b9a-d6f7-11e7-8461-83e84cedb373]=true&sort=score&status=offline%2Cdead%2Cinvalid&page[key]=1008%2C2226498&page[rel]=next&page[count]=1 some are even declared dead
  7. yea... no. this is the first thing I did and nope its completely out. of the few times I managed to get in it goes down in a few seconds. its not even dupers anymore. datacenter is so bad they can't handle this much traffic or some cleaner's been using our power source to clean a rug
  8. is it happening to you or your entire server is your server very active now chances are you need a lan connection instead now that everyone's at home using the internet
  9. how do you explain our server has this issue at set intervals of the day with or without breeding event? we can even give a forecast when's the next one happening why should wc listen to you?
  10. my server goes offline at every 3 to 4 hours. we can even predict the next time it goes away and has confirmed uploading items after a server save but before the server goes down does not retain the items in your inventory but everything will be in the cloud. I'm glad we don't lose our items doing that I want to blame bad oc internet but...this is happening across all of ark
  11. i only hope the costumes and emotes don't cost a lot of eggs
  12. the island. near red obo it appears you still can delete your own structure with refertiliser. it might have been the server restart that did the delete but this guy here didn't pay attention nor had the intention to test the feature
  13. no evo event this weekend boys no matter how you put it the whole post is ruined by this news
  14. where is the patch note for genesis? not the bug fixes for what came after genesis but the one for the actual expansion itself
  15. what in the world is item cache? location points to somewhere on the beach in redwood bordering the swamp. probably a result of resources respawning. also anti-mesh deleted 3 of those reinforced gates but only 1 is reported. seems like this a report for an area of activity instead of individual stuff that got deleted
  16. the island. resources respawned and deleted my stuff. dinos are thought to be long dead so those are fine getting deleted. but I thought the anti-mesh will teleport them to the surface? hmm
  17. so you're saying on reddit you can have a subreddit about how to assassinate somebody and still get away with the discussion? trade drugs? sharing research into bio-weapons? trade pedobear videos? organs? ok I'll tell them to go there. reddit is free unlike ark
  18. could be worse. I'm not here spreading fear so lets stop at anti-western ideologies. yes these people can buy the game and go on unofficial and talk about all the harmful stuff, but those servers do not belong to wc. legacy servers still belongs to wc. do you get what I'm pushing for here? because servers belongs to them, they have a responsibility to whats going on there. while having a chat moderation is good, please do not forget legacy and answer tickets about people promoting hacks and treason
  19. so its then totally ok to have people planning and teaching how to attack a website on global chat in legacy then? last I heard, tickets from legacy will be treated on a case to case basis. but right now we can see it's 100% off any support. since there's no support and nobody from wc is going to care, then people definitely will be up to no good. that kind of no good. the one that once got me banned on the forum because its an open invitation for them to test out their latest codes on official servers I do not see how being called "legacy" on a live service server allows
  20. because this wasn't what was communicated when they tell us early access servers are turning into legacy. everyone of us got the idea oh everything will stay the same. but wc had made a miscommunication, deliberately or not its up for debate
  21. lol chat moderation on pc? our server logged so many tickets about illegal activities, anti-western messages and hacking being discussed on our legacy server and guess what? "customer support is not available for legacy server" /ticketclosed don't make me laugh. @Jen
  22. what does Defenders are harvestable for light robotic materials mean
  23. I wonder why are the timings on PST then EST in the evolution event is it possible to standardize to a time zone?
  24. it's gonna swoop in and steal your kibble. earth's reply to ichy on the island
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