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  1. Ark YouTubers Looking for anyone wanting to start a server for YouTubers to help each other grow if you have either already started or are completely new to YouTube(me). Unsure of the rates yet but if we get 3-4 people we can discuss them. Servers aren't exactly expensive so I'm happy to pay and run it just need members to make it more fun. I was thinking of starting out on Island and if its going well adding in a few more maps to make a cluster. If your interested either post a comment here or message me on discord Jackrit87#1616 and we can start a discord for the server. Cheers Jack
  2. Yeah I've only got the xbox one not the xbox one x so it isn't going to look amazing however I think I would still rather buy a pc than upgrade to the xbox one x. Also sorry I should have made it more clear I'm not a complete beginner I've played a few hours before but I've never gotten very far in the past, I've never even fought a boss so I guess I am a beginner haha. and thank you for the response can't wait to start but I have been working loads recently
  3. Thank you Logan, I've played a little to get the grips of it and so far it seems like an amazing game can't wait to progress further. That sounds like a great idea thank you, really didn't want to have to pay for both or wait until I can get a good pc
  4. jammyGinger Starting a lets play Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this I am looking to start a PVE lets play on YouTube, however as of right now my only options to play it are xbox one which obviously won't run as well as a good pc or run it on a 2015 MacBook Pro 15" which will struggle to run it at all. However if I start on the potato graphics of my MacBook not only can I use mods I can also carry on the same series to my pc once I get it(probably around February next year) and not have to either keep playing on xbox or do what annoys me most and not Finish a series. So really I have 3 options do it on xbox and stay on xbox, start it on my MacBook and then transfer to my pc or just wait on my pc? any advice would be great Also has a extra question which map do you think would be best I was thinking of just starting on island and if it goes well Bring out more series on other maps or maybe the new one in December again cheers for any help
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