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  1. Ark sever questions VI'm trying to increase the rate at which dino babies mature faster and imprint alot quicker. There only seems to be a small range that I can change which doesnt do much. Am i missing something? How do I change it if possible? Also for the mating multiplier. I have it set to .25 and it stats that lower number mean more babies. However my dino's have a 4 hour wait??? Settings Mating multiplier. 25 (range .25 - 5) Egg hatch speed .25 (range .25 - 5) Baby mature rate 5 (range .25 -5) Imprinting speed .25 (range .25 - 3) If I have these backwards please let me know. Also this is on intrade servers for mobile ark.
  2. Weekly arena PVP server Hello all, i recently rented a new server called Weekly arena PVP server. Every week there will be a contest that will challenge a group of people or individuals. each week the winner will receive a cache of weapons/resources/or requested items. this is also a pvp server so remember things get destroyed regardless. i will also give out rewards for different accomplishments throughout the week and will post updates on what those challenges are. come join me and this new server. its called Weekly arena PVP sever. this is an unofficial server come join and happy raiding.
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