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  1. Mods are awesome, but I just want to be able to freepaint on walls, ceilings, etc... Maybe in the tlc update? That's my "hope" lol TY guys though, the game is utterly awesome. By far my favorite game. I just love customizing everything. Looking forward to future mods and expansions.
  2. Utfilthy

    Tek Bridge

    I'm on ab, tek bridges will not place on cliff plats, nor will they snap to anything or to each other. Please Wildcard, fix the tek bridge.
  3. Could show the Dunkle some TLC... It's bad at defense, slow as s#*t, and ugly af... Maybe make certain resources weigh less in its inventory just a thought
  4. Take everything the trolls say with a gallon jug of (insert spice here), Ced. Genesis is awesome and only getting better. Ty to the whole team. If fokes don't appreciate the hard work, tell them to create a better genesis themselves. FTW
  5. I keep hoping Ced will post that he was just joking about no Evo this weekend. Lol
  6. Awesome stuff on the horizon Ced, but no Evo this weekend... Shame on you! Ty for everything else though.
  7. Wishful thinking I know, but maybe u could extend the 2x for 24 hrs for people who couldn't get on the full servers.
  8. 2x not working on genesis pve 1180. Just letting u guys know. Ty 4 everything u do
  9. My whole tribe Loves genesis. The flying mounts disabled thing kinda bothered me when I found out, but u guys knocked it out the park on everything else. Keep it coming!
  10. Happy the event is coming, but sad that it's only a week. Got alot of dinos I was planning to raise on 3x
  11. I'm happy they are targeting exploits, and cheating is a problem, but I'm afraid to uncryo my favorite tames bc I've already lost two (2) in 24 hours bc of this anti meshing bs. Seems like there could be a better way of implementing an actually successful anti meshing system... Only on pvp and not pve servers. 90% success rate seems like a good thing, but if it's just destroying everything and punishing everyone, then of course eventually it will get those that deserve to get got (cheaters). I love this game, I sincerely hope u guys figure this out without anymore of my tames being destroyed. Gamertag: FilthyGraybush PVE Servers I'm on: aberration 650, ragnarok 90, extinction 1126, the island 563
  12. Aberration 650 pve lost my brand new max lvl basilisk. This is becoming Far too common!
  13. Aberration 650, right outside our base in the green zone, nowhere near any mesh my tribe mate lost his favorite rock drake...
  14. Evo started very early last Friday, can we make that a reoccurring thing? Thanx for all you do to keep this game alive!
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