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  1. Also... Tired of DCing.... Maybe try to fix that... Tyvm
  2. Seriously? No way! WC you should be ashamed of yourselves! Why haven't you mercilessly ridiculed this individual yet?! Lol learn to see the glass as half full bud.
  3. Not sure where to post this, and also unsure of how long its been an issue, but remote keypad wont control elevator anymore. Genesis official pve 1260
  4. Going on 24 hrs of "prelogin: waiting on login lock. Please try again in a minute." SMH Every time they claim to be fixing something through updates... Something else malfunctions.
  5. Been having the same issue for about 13 hrs now. "Prelogin: waiting on login lock. Please try again in a minute" 13 hrs worth of minutes later... Still no fix. WTH WC?!
  6. "Prelogin: Waiting on login lock. Please try again in a minute." longest minute of my entire life. official extinction pve 1110 please fix it... I'm sure my babies have starved considering they've been out for 13 hrs now without me being able to feed them... But I would still like to play.
  7. It's messed up Ced.... Any news on a fix?
  8. That is all very awesome... But I just want to play the game and have been waiting since the end of the event to join my server bc of prelogin lock. I've read that many other ppl are having the same issue. Please address it. Ty for everything you do and I love you all
  9. I'm having the exact same issue on xbox. Please address this issue Wild Card!
  10. I don't understand why we can't pick up wild dinos on pve, when the wild dinos are one of the largest parts of the "e" in pve. TLC 3 sounds awesome so far btw
  11. Mods are awesome, but I just want to be able to freepaint on walls, ceilings, etc... Maybe in the tlc update? That's my "hope" lol TY guys though, the game is utterly awesome. By far my favorite game. I just love customizing everything. Looking forward to future mods and expansions.
  12. Utfilthy

    Tek Bridge

    I'm on ab, tek bridges will not place on cliff plats, nor will they snap to anything or to each other. Please Wildcard, fix the tek bridge.
  13. Could show the Dunkle some TLC... It's bad at defense, slow as s#*t, and ugly af... Maybe make certain resources weigh less in its inventory ? just a thought
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