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  1. Trapped in start menu I just updated my game and I tried logging in to the game but I’m stuck at the start menu I click it and it doesn’t charge please help
  2. No session found! I was playing after WC fixed the host error and then I wanted to play with my friends and oh surprise surprise no sessions found in unofficial servers please solve it
  3. Host Connection Timeout Ok, so i was playing perfectly fine and the next day ark had an update so I updated it after I updated it I tried to join an unofficial server but it said this: “Host Connection Timeout” “Lost/timedout connection to host” I tried to join official servers, the island, extinction, unofficial etc and anything work and I am sure that it isn’t my internet problem because it’s perfectly fine, please help thx
  4. How to crossplay between Xbox and pc Ok, so i had ark for pc but I wanted to play with my Xbox friends so I decided to buy ark AGAIN from the MICROSOFT store to play with them but I want to know if there’s still crossplay between Xbox and pc and if yes how can I play in Servers and not in local server because I want to play with other people not just my friends, is this possible? please answer as soon as possible thank you
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