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  1. Ark Angel Recruiting Request Hello, Age: 18 sex: male country: United States Experience: have a little over 400hrs most of it is from ps4 used to be in a sister tribe connected with wildones called UMK. Description: Active through some weekdays may be gone on some days due to work and school and can be active most of the day on sunday comments: trying to get back into ark and enjoy what i love doing and thats breeding dinos and having fun with the tribe PSN: BUZZ1274 STEAM :BUZZ1274 Discord: BuzzKill1274#2032
  2. GOON Hi, looking to join a tribe and get back into ark again been away for about a year or so but would like to start again. Love the grind and breeding. I am 18 and have a lvl 82 character with tek grams if needed Discord is: BuzzKill1274#2032
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