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  1. What exactly is duping? And is there a rule against ppl that are building unnecessary crap that just makes the whole map laggy. Cuz There’s a base that literally always times me out when I fly pass so I have to avoid going in that direction. But he’s also by Cp river on rag and when I go around him for that it’s still hella laggy when I try to get cp.
  2. Nvm bro it actually is a spawn point for a supply drop that was in the same spot I was trying to place my gates. Thanks for the tip it only showed up now
  3. I’ve had this problem with a legacy server too just last weekend There’s still 5/70 ppl in the lobby but i can’t go one for some odd reason I have no clue about I just gave up hopefully they can give us an explanation because there’s no reason I wouldn’t be able to connect. I already started another character on a different server ... it can’t be that the server got deleted because it still shows up...
  4. It’s on official there is a supply drop close by but not in that area, its on the right side of Viking bay bridge above the beach. But where I’m placing it is in this little cove area that has a small pond with a few trees surrounding the pond. If anyone wants to see the area I’m building on, it’s on Official eu pve rag912 all my other stone gates were fine around my base made almost 20 to enclose that area but for some reason between this gate and the large rocks on the left to it doesn’t let me do it..
  5. Unable to place stone Dino gate When I try I to place a gate in this specific area it won’t place even if it shows green. When I press r2 it just disappears and doesn’t get removed from my inventory at all.. How can I fix this problem?
  6. Then I’m not entirely sure what’s happening on that specific server I just know that I’ve been trying to get on it since Saturday night and yesterday I just gave up trying.
  7. Yeah I’m already grinding on 912 I just wish I could’ve got my eggs and the rest of my tames out of there in time now I’m starting from scratch:( but please wild card if possible consider giving us a warning if you have to cleanse the servers some of us honest players are on. It would really help I don’t want to give up on ark lol
  8. Also it would be a good idea to have “no in game support for legacy servers” on the menu screen so newer players can know what they’re getting themselves into. This is pretty much the only game I can stick to and every time I get better at it this kind of stuff keeps happening
  9. I would’ve been more prepared if I came on this website sooner but literally I only joined a legacy pve server to see what the difference was from a official pvp and it was going good, I didn’t have a clue of them shutting down servers. I didn’t even know what legacy server meant.Thing is the server I was in just black screens me while there’s 5/70 ppl still there.. so tbh I don’t even know what’s making only me not be able to connect to host. I can connect to different servers just fine. I just hope I’ll be able to get my stuff or at least my character out of there.
  10. I just got kicked off a legacy server for over 3 hours now and have been trying to get back on to save my wyvern Eggs! I understand what you guys need to do to deal with the cheaters but can we at least get a 10 minute warning that you’re going to shut the server down so we can at least be prepared to be off the servers for a while.... if I’m not able to get back on my cryod wyvern will be lost. Literally just got back on ark after taking a break because of this very reason..please give us a warning before shutting servers down.....
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