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  1. 2.53 pm queensland Australia, oc 97 pve , reset to event hollewwen , lag almost gone, happiness throughout the camp, boxershorts back on, thankyou for listening
  2. stop mentioning legal , you are missing the point. For years , it has been amazing of what people will tolerate and understand if kept informed, not just the good but the bad and ugly as well,. It is good business sense, your most important customer is the happy repeat one that keeps coming back. The next person who mentions legal is just been silly
  3. there are two main issues here 1= server, programme, hardware problems. 2= cmmnincation and responsibility, real games under stand and expect no1 . real civilaliiized people expect and appreciate no 2. no 2 is where wild card is failing . so to wild card admins start being human and tread carefully ,
  4. may be the ACCC should be involved , while next to no money is involved , any body with half a brain, knows that ' money equals time, and time equals money ' I've lost over 30 dinos, died so many times, lost heaps of gear, and I am not BEEPIN HAPPY.. JAN. Being gaming over 40 years, since commodore 64, this by far is the worst incompentant release/ change of hardware I have ever seen. What makes it worse, it seems fellow Aussies are involved. To those people , I implore you to take ownership of the situation by doing 2 simple things , 1 apoligise to oc players, 2 every hour on the hour server anouncment to update players, . It would also be nice in way to say sorry, to suspend all decay timers, while this mess is in progess. thankyou from DAS , SERVER OC 97 PVE
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