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  1. It's a giant ant lion, Google it. =} Real creature but super tiny irl.
  2. I am 100% certain this is a giant antlion, Google it. Star Wars took inspiration from the animal when making that giant sand monster thing. They're really amazing creatures in real life and turn into a voracious beetle when fully mature. Edit: I'm super excited here because for once I know what the damn thing is! (Also in true ark form they have altered the creature into a worm, putting their own spin on it, but behaviorally, this is the creature depicted in the dossier) Video link
  3. Well, it doesn't matter what it actually is or resembles since the dinos in this game have invented abilities. Examples being dimetrodon is an air conditioner, lystrosaur is a teacher, quetzal is a flying RV. So it's really just a drawing without a written explanation, the subject being anyone's guess. The dude in the picture could be milking nitroglycerin and skittles from it for all we know. XP
  4. Oo! Can we at some point have the ability to convert screenshots into little hangable photos like that one? Or maybe a Polaroid item in game? Would be really cool to hang little memories on the walls. =D
  5. Ty Gamerperfection, you're an excellent community rep. =}
  6. Hey guys, any update on this? Time is ticking and I really need to know if my buddy's base is going to have a chunk taken out of it or not. This is a great quality of life update, please give us some time to take advantage of it before update day or at the very least let us know that the update is getting pushed back.
  7. bedsidespider

    New Biome Map

    I really want to know this too =<
  8. Could we please have some kind of time limit on how frequently a tribe changes names? A long favorite greifing tactic of changing your tribe name before and after a raid is very frustrating, and the tribe log doesn't update with the new name when they do.
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