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  1. hi have been trying to get this fixed for so long legacy-the-oc-officialserver86 the whole server was anti meshed all players died and 80% lost their base access. all dino are gone and a lot of cupboards unlocked and empty. i waited a while then figured i might as well fix my base and brought over 5 cryopods of dino and blue prints from my other servers then the server reset and i had broken base again and valentine dino outside so lost all again omg now i have nothing left i kept other server for storage as to laggy to play on 86 is the best server no lag for me never had any probems pleas
  2. ok jo thank you i am just feeling very frustrated thank you for trying to help sparkles
  3. hi i am sparkles i play on legacy-the-pve-officialsever86 my tribe is the shinsengumi i am located at 63 73 near green orb i have been reporting anti mesh of server since before valentine event i lost all dino 7 years of playing worth about 460 were out and lost about 6 cryo full lot of dino well fixed base up as i thought nothing was happening brought back dino from my other dlc about 300 and borrowed some to clone i was cloning then i logged off for 10 mins come back and it was all gone AGAIN omg i could not believe it back to broken base and valentine dino on map and this time all my cupb
  4. hi joeb10w13 i am not sure if debs looked into this problem but now as you see i am worse not only lost origanal dino but all my dino from my dlc which now i cannot play on due to bad lag and other members left so i just look after dino on all 4 dlc. 86 was my main server so when nothing happened and i fixed my base i brought over all my dino to 86 - magma, rock drake - balsitik - mecholodon big fish rock element ferox manas (250 more)and many others now they are all gone as well as all my bps and tek stuff i brought over from other server this is a disaster i can not believe the game
  5. thank you joe10w13 for looking at this i just logged on my server legacy-the-pve-oc-official server86 and now situation is worse i had fixed to my base and had been transferring my dino and eggs and essentials from my other dlc to 86 to start over (as after all this time thought nothing going to happen) now a rollback has happened but it is to valentine event not when anti meshing happened so i have lost all my dino and everything i brought over from other servers. so i need the rollbock to the anitmeshing day 50857 or to day 51548 which is were i was rebuiding all can u please let me know i
  6. i have been trying to get this fixed since the last update. all survivors we killed on server and every tamed dino on server disappeared i have been playing since ark release never seen this happen we are all upset many years of work just gone some dino i had since the start an other were very special dino a roll back would be the only fix i have been on other fi=orums and all i get told is it is legacy forget it devs do not help well i hope they are wrong please fix thankyou sparkles
  7. legacy-the pve-oc-official server86 i am tired of trying to get this fixed the whole server was hit by anti mesh all survivors were killed all dino are gone . i have been playing for 6 years never seen anything like this i lost over 580 dino which includes cryo fridges that were destroyed i am over hearing it is leagacy no help will be given, been reporting since last update that broke it we are like family on this server i thought a wind back would be done as we were preparing for event and all good dino were out ready to mate 450 of them all gone special dino gone also that was just my ba
  8. who fixes these problems then i was sent here by studio wildcard please let me know i am so lost and upset thank you
  9. i have been trying to get to report that the whole anti meshing of legacy-the-pve-oc-official server86 all survivors were killed and all dino gone my base over 600 including cryo fridges that were destroyed many years of collecting and a lot of dino from the beginning of ark my base looks like we were raided. i hope you to take a look at what happened we have all put in complaints thank you sparkles
  10. hi i have been reporting on this server since last update the whole server survivors were killed by anti meshing all dino are gone from all bases and have lost ownership to most bases my tribe is the shinsenguni my name is sparkles my base is at 63.4- 72.6 i also have fish base at 15.9 -74.8 and numerousr other small bases we have all been on this server for many years and this is the worst thing that has ever happened we all hope that this problem can be rectified by rollback for the whole serve to loose everything is unacceptable through no foault of our own also there is a glitch at the
  11. hi i have been trying to get this problem fixed for a week now the server was down fo the day last monday and when we went to get back on server the whole server players was killed by anti mesh i would like to have a roll back or something as we cannot access bases and all dino have disappeared and cupboards are unlocked and empty can you please tell us what is going on and can u fix this problem i was sent to this site from customer service i we have all been reporting this problem on different forums fb and twitter included we are like family on this server and just want to play again most
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