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  1. ocean platform bugs im tired of this "too far away from platform" issue i just want build a little base but that stupid sign dont let me
  2. i was try the forsaken oasis alpha with 17 rex (3 of my friend rexes i dont know him rex stats) my rexes has 60k heal 2200% meele dmg aaand.. manticore stuck a bug every 2-3 m on air (turning around himself) all my rexes are gone ^^ thanks wildcard
  3. managarmr becomes more like land dinos edit : 9900 stamina goin to trash can ^^
  4. if anyone go alpha boss i can come too
  5. NaikiTheDovah


    everyone try the same ? looking for event colors and kill the normal ones then that problem happened
  6. Item / dino transfer date ? anyone can answer this question ?
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