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  1. Trade dinos and items How do i get access to trade forums as i have wrote a few posts and replied to the Comments for a few days now and i am still not allowed to access trade forums ?
  2. And will some one please tell me how the hell to access the trade forums as i would like to meet other dedicated players for trades and stuff
  3. Broken oc servers Hi the past couple of days my server was unplayable due to lag and crashing all people on the server had this issue not just me i have lost dinos and gear due to this as i would be outside my base doing somthing then the game would crash and my dinos are gone ive had dinos disappear out of pods as well as pods in a cryo fridge ive been playing flat out online in pve for around a month now and due to bugs glitches and crashes its making it hard for me to continue to support this game as everytime i get ahead a bug or glitch will take me back a peg and i got to grind again for somthing i lost to a bug makes me want to smash my pc lol i run a very high powerd rig as well its a i7 9th gen with gtx 2070 half a gig ssd 140 hz screen and all the other bells and whistles that go with it
  4. And dont get me wrong about the community as there are some really cool people in there as well who have kept me coming back to the game as they are really helpful and supportive i have seen a newbie have to pay a alpha player who has been on the server for 3 years 30 cryo pods and a fridge for a anky when this person clearly does not need these items they just like to keep the new player base struggling and crawling to them what drives me to continue to play is to shut it all down by being like robin hood to the new players and help them out for free lol with doedis ankys kibble etc and help the game grow not hold it back and bully new players away i think i may have just picked the wrong server to start in as its so toxic and its pve not pvp its that toxic that the alphas all have hundreds of thousands of CP and snail farms but they continue to do dam runs along the river and leave the wood in them so they dont respawn its sickning (rant over) lol
  5. I dont want to start over in a new server due to the ammount of time i have grinded and dedicated to the one im on i would prefer to just delete the game rather then starting over and the community can be so toxic like they dont want you to progress i dont understand why the people on the server who have been there ages (alpha tribe) would want to keep new players down it stops the growth of the game they also have hundreds of dinos out so the game lags and can become unplayable when they log in i absolutely love ark its everything i want in a game but the bugs glitches and game crashes are making it hard for me to continue to support the game not to mention the foul toxic community and there is no way for me to get some of my lost stuff back that i grinded ages to get
  6. Im on offical pc server it is quite frustrating this game is awsome but nearly unplayable due to losing dinos and gear almost daily due to lag bugs and glitches for exzample the past 2 days my server has crashed more then 50 times no lie and is completely unplayable atm im am within a inch of quiting uninstalling and never playing again as i feel im wasting my time as it is no where near stable sorry for my bad spelling
  7. Losing dinos to bugs Hi is there a way for me to get some stuff back i have lost so many dinos and gear from the game lagging crashing and bugs like dino vanishes from cryo cryo pods not coming back through oblisk ive even lost dinos that magicaly spawn outside my base and get eaten even know i put them inside the list goes on and on and ive only been playing around 3 weeks
  8. Hi how do i see the replys on my comments
  9. Hi im new to forums im trying to access trade forume?
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