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  1. but if I disable the mod on valguero the dinos that spawned on crystal isles with disappear no ?
  2. Ark single player with jurassic park expansion Hello I play ark only alone as single player and I want to ask you. I would like to try the jurrasic park expansion but I do have my valguero map active and I play it. My question is. Is there a way to somehow add the jurassic park to another map like crystal isles etc without ruining my valguero or not possible? And another question any cool mods to add along with the jurassic park? I want to have fun but nothing too much OP. I played mostly only the vanilla ark and I want some change. Thanks for tips.
  3. Single player settings for imprinting and breeding please? Hello I am trying to find the perfect settings to imprint all dinos without waiting days...I am okay with egg hatch speed and mature speed set to 50 but I do have problems with imprinting. My cuddle interval is 0.242 but I tried breeding ankylos and the dino wanted cuddle in 2hours and he would be multiple times matured by that time. Any help appreciated ! Thanks.
  4. Is the imprinting still bugged? Hello I was wondering if the imprinting is still bugged and you are getting 100% on first imprint or is it fixed already ? I am not able to get into game right now so can't try it. Thanks for response.
  5. Dino count on ragnarok Hello I play on ragnarok single player so I play alone and I love this map but sometimes I have problem with metal spawning (rather not spawning) or with dinos. I see sometimes dead plains without much animals and stuff and once I was flying around I saw like 100 wyverns lurking around so maybe they bugged and kept spawning and other stuff didn't? Do someone has any tips how to increase the experience on ragnarok? Should I pump the dino count to 1.2 for example or it wont do anything? For example today I was searching the desert for deathworm and havent found a single one I was flying with my wyvern and there was 0 of the moving ground or do you see the moving ground after you atract them ? I thought you can see the moving ground from a distance but maybe I am wrong.
  6. I am lost with breeding settings to be okay for all dinos Hello I play on single player alone and I have the egg and mature speed to 50 and I was hatching only wyverns so far and the speed is okay for me but I have problems with imprint timers I have the cuddle interval set to 0.242 but the wyvern will ask for imprint 2 min after hatching and it will give her 100% and than I dont have to do anything which is kinda weird I would much more prefer about 3-4 imprints on all dinos so is there a way to have for example 4 imprints for argent, ankylo but even for giga? Thanks for any help
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