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  1. Is the imprinting still bugged? Hello I was wondering if the imprinting is still bugged and you are getting 100% on first imprint or is it fixed already ? I am not able to get into game right now so can't try it. Thanks for response.
  2. Dino count on ragnarok Hello I play on ragnarok single player so I play alone and I love this map but sometimes I have problem with metal spawning (rather not spawning) or with dinos. I see sometimes dead plains without much animals and stuff and once I was flying around I saw like 100 wyverns lurking around so maybe they bugged and kept spawning and other stuff didn't? Do someone has any tips how to increase the experience on ragnarok? Should I pump the dino count to 1.2 for example or it wont do anything? For example today I was searching the desert for deathworm and havent found a single one I was flying with my wyvern and there was 0 of the moving ground or do you see the moving ground after you atract them ? I thought you can see the moving ground from a distance but maybe I am wrong.
  3. I am lost with breeding settings to be okay for all dinos Hello I play on single player alone and I have the egg and mature speed to 50 and I was hatching only wyverns so far and the speed is okay for me but I have problems with imprint timers I have the cuddle interval set to 0.242 but the wyvern will ask for imprint 2 min after hatching and it will give her 100% and than I dont have to do anything which is kinda weird I would much more prefer about 3-4 imprints on all dinos so is there a way to have for example 4 imprints for argent, ankylo but even for giga? Thanks for any help
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