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  1. Agreed, such a waste of an opportunity.
  2. Ferox Nerf/Levelling Fix Thank you to GM Aytho who replied to my ticket and advised me to post this on here. On Monday/Tuesday this week I noticed that the only thing making the Ferox useful in combat has been fixed/nerfed. For context, my friends and I play only on Official PVE, and mostly on Genesis since release, therefore we spend most of our time trying to complete missions and beating the boss. We are currently 2 missions away from unlocking the Alpha Master Controller and have used Feroxes to complete most alpha combat missions and the boss. Believe it or not we did them without using the invincibility bug, because by the time we heard of it, it had been fixed. The Ferox WAS my favourite creature in the game to date. It's one of the most interesting mechanically, fun to ride around, and nice to look at. But most importantly it had great potential to join the ranks of the standard bossing creatures (Rexes/Theris/Rhinos/Gigas etc). The trick behind it's power was to put it in a cryofridge straight after growing it to adult from baby. Once 30 or so levels of xp had been gained in the fridge, it could be levelled whilst small, and on the FIRST transformation to large form it would gain bonus levels equivalent to how many were levelled in small form. These levels were randomly spread out but still incredibly useful. This would only work once, as subsequent transformations would not gain bonus levels. Doing this successfully would get most Feroxes to around 10-12k HP and 1000+ damage, with plenty of levelling still to be done. What you ended up with was a creature that was one of two or three legitimate ways to complete most alpha combat missions, and the boss itself. However now when you level and transform them, you're lucky to see 9K HP and 400 damage. I managed to level one to 11K HP and 600 damage, which is barely enough to do some of the beta combat missions in a group. It seems you want Genesis to be like every other map in terms of bossing. When transfer opens, everyone will bring over their Gigas/Rexes/Rhinos/Theris rendering the Ferox totally useless as it gets thrown in the nerf-bin. To be fair they will still get some use, as an ornament on the shelf next to the Jerboas... Solution: Reverse the change to allow Feroxes to once again gain bonus levels on first transformation. At the very least let them gain half the levels. No point nerfing alpha combat missions as Gigas will come soon and undermine all our hard work. Caveat: I know this was an unintended mechanic. Clearly there have been a large number of problems with the Ferox, and as I type this it is still plagued with issues. I'm aware that fixes to do with stats are pretty much always due to them being too OP in PVP. TL;DR: I cannot understand why a new potential bossing creature has been nerfed heavily when you're just going to allow transfers of Gigas/Rexes very soon anyway. The fact that Gigas are being allowed to transfer is another problem, but there's plenty of comments on that already... Thanks for reading. Mike (Server 522/642)
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