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  1. Thanks for the update of the server guys, appreciate
  2. Up up We need an update here guys @lilpanda As always, our server is not updated when a new patch come
  3. Fix Mammoth Meat more legit pls

    We are agree, Mammoth dont give enought meat and Pelt.
  4. Fix Mammoth Meat more legit pls

    Exatly x)
  5. Fix Mammoth Meat more legit pls

    I dont think its normal to have same meat on a ptera who's skeleton like the hell and a big Mammoth juicy as f*** with a giga Maybe for next patch = More meat on Mammoth would be more... real ^^
  6. ragnarok server update

    Same here, server aqre not updated to the last version that's why we cant transfer anything. @lilpanda We need version 272.2 on Ragnarok server pls.
  7. That's what i have in the Tribute Terminal just right after the last Patch : I cant anymore transfer Creature to other server because the Option is not there anymore "Official PVE Ragnarok 195"
  8. @lilpanda Any news about this update on this server pls ?
  9. (Can you delete this post pls : Apparently you forgot guys to update these 2 servers who have change their Host on the new Version 272 Ragnarok update He still appear on last version 271, can you hurry pls we have baby dino who need food ><
  10. Its time guys to update the server pls ?
  11. yes i have 5 baby dino who pop out just now.....
  12. I have this error when i try to join on server list steam : https://gyazo.com/b7e8164adb61a8e1347b7e59c916d77f
  13. title After the update i dont see the server on the list, but i see the server is online on Metrics and servers status.