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  1. I dont know what to say now, waiting and waiting :'(
  2. Maybe yeah, i'm not a pro of that. My problem is, all my baby wyvern was at 700/800 food, its EU time here for me, in 2h i go to sleep, if the server came back in the night EU time, rip my 30 baby wyvern ><
  3. @lilpanda Tell me its a bug of Battlemetrics
  4. @lilpanda Thanks Adam for this update, these 2 server need a real good fix, i'm pretty sure you gonna do what it need to do for that. ....maybe...little... extend event ? hihi
  5. i grown more than 30 wyverns in my base and just before the crash they were pretty low food, you understand now why i want to log in fast and make some milk run ^^'
  6. Ok thanks @thomcher But still we have lost 1 day of breeding, we have prepare all our eggs for this event, that's suxx hardly... I hope its not just a "server back online" and more a "We have fix crash/rollback issue with this server and they are online right now thanks for your patience we have make an event x10 for this inconveniance" Ok forget the event x10
  7. 20h offline You'r right, let your player dont play to your game Oh wait, your active player because i'm at 9000h played on your game, never saw that before.
  8. I'm sorry but 16h server offline and its always the same thing, we dont have any info about what's going on, and are stuck.
  9. 15h offline server... and still no help for the players who play on it... @lilpanda Rip Event x2 for us...
  10. look the activity of the dev tracker, last post 4 hours ago... Its only 2 servers guys why is it to hard to find out why this 2 servers crashs and stay offlin everyday ?! ONLY 2 SERVERS
  11. So again 13h offline server ? i'm tired of that ><"