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  1. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    I cant beleive it, it happen. I go take a Burger King for dat, thanks Panda.
  2. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    Finally thanks Panda, i hope its gonna fix this old problem.
  3. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    Server keep crashing with 255 ping all the time ! #Weneedhelpforplayarkonthe195
  4. Hannoky.Bufu

    Evolution Event this week-end

    They have remove x2 breeding because of server cap i get it, but yes, sometimes would be great to have this event, not all week-end but sometimes
  5. Hannoky.Bufu

    Evolution Event this week-end

    No Evolution Event this week-end, possible to have x2 breeding for the next EE the 20th ? @lilpanda
  6. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    Server keep crashing 2 times in a row just now. Server report outage sent.
  7. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    Have you done something for the server ? We are the night for us (EU people) and the server is at 60-70 pings Before it was unplayable. @lilpanda
  8. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    15-16 people here and its unplayable
  9. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    I have an idea, let's update all the time the lag/crash/rollback issue of this server again and again, maybe a GM gonna read us and decide to change the hardware of the server, because we are the only one who have this kind of issue.
  10. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    https://gyazo.com/8b4a9220264e313ef8ef0a1fe3653b79 And crash server right after that....
  11. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    Server crashed right now and is offline. Not only the 195 Officla PVE Ragnaok, but the 194 too, and yes they are on the same Hardware who's still broken, but we still dont have any help with these 2 server... @godcomehelpus ?
  12. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    Server crash x8 today. @lilpanda
  13. Hannoky.Bufu

    Ragnarok 195 Down/Lag

    https://gyazo.com/5484946493d58420ac217f79e300da3c Its like that every week-end, because Dev's dont care after many many many report outage made
  14. Hannoky.Bufu

    PixArk date ?

    Is it tomorow the release of the game ?
  15. Hannoky.Bufu

    Alpha Rag Boss BUG

    Both, they were on attack target manticore when she fly, so sometimes they spread, but i already try that, put my therizino spread on the ground, try to bait her up and not stay in the middle... Why she always fly like that until we are on the ground and sometime at foot -_-'