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  1. Bumped. We have been making updates daily to ensure that the server is running perfectly
  2. DeathARK 50x (BOOSTED) DeathARK DeathARK is an Xbox PVP Server dedicated to giving the players a fun experience within the server. Me and my fellow founders have all worked hard on ensuring that the server becomes the best we can possibly make so we have been taking feedback from a few members and been improving the server every day so that it is right for the public. Therefore I am here today to present to you DEATHARK DeathARK is a 50x boosted server with Insta Taming and many amazing features. We have active admins that ensure everyone is following the rules. We also have and maintain an Admin Shop that players can use to purchase Dinos or Items. This means we can give the players who grind the server a reward for their time here. 50X BOOSTED INSTANT TAMING ADMIN SHOP ACTIVE ADMINS SOME EXTRA ANIMALS ON THE MAP (MANA, SNOW OWL ETC) 24/7 NO LAG Join Our Discord <- Click this Yours Sincerely, Famuda
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