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  1. Can’t hop servers PS4 Trying to hop servers to work on genesis while my babies grow on valguero, not able to transfer anywhere from neither my obelisk or my transmitter. What is going on? It’s been two days of this crap, what has to happen to fix this issue?!
  2. Bloodstalker twming glitched? Was taking a level 25 female blood stalker and the damn thing was taking over 200 blood packs, I’ve tamed a level 150 with 210 blood packs on 2x , on another server. so I want to know why this is happening and when will it be fixed because the amount of blood packs required to catch a level 25 is outrageous if this isn’t glitched.
  3. Cannot build in my own base Trying to place a industrial grill in my base, but it says it’s too close to a enemy foundation or gate. Is this a bug or is someone intentionally messing with my gameplay? Someone by the name of Reds pillared in my base for no particular reason and hasn’t been on when I am on so I can confront him about it. What should I do? I can’t pick up my base and leave I’ve come too far, and I’m not on any important or rare resource nodes so I’m very confused by this behavior. Please help
  4. I now have another ice wyvern stuck in a cryopod from server transfers. When will wildcard fix this bug? Why do I even support a game when the developers don’t want to take the time to fix the issues? Sure hope wildcard does something about this soon.
  5. Ice wyverns stuck in cryopods multiple times I have a 190 ice wyvern and a 180 ice wyvern that I hatched and leveled a few times, went to another server with them at two separate times and now they do not come out of the cryopods. When I throw the device it says “CANNOT DEPLOY:” in big red letters without any reason as to why they cannot come out. I was on a new world and I know that no server caps were met when I attempted to throw the devices. I still have the cryopods please help me get them out. One was all white and a Level 190 perfect egg at hatch I hatched during the even in the past
  6. Booted as soon as I load in? I can’t seem to login to the server I usually play on, online. I can log into a pvp server without any issues, but when I login to the PvE server I normally play on, it pretends to load the character then immediately kicks me off with a connection timeout. What’s going on?
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