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  1. 119 server is an Asian server. Most of the time, it prompts that [transmission has been disabled] a small part of the time can be transmitted. After asking the players of 119 server, they are afraid to transmit. Because some people lost their roles due to transmission, I can't download the roles, and my dinosaur cubs have starved to death. I'm very sad. Up to now, I still can't transmit the roles Last night, I was able to send it, but I always prompted [failed to get the role list] to update the server today, and the server also prompted [delivery disabled]. As mentioned above, there is a reason for the server locking. I think the server players should have the right to know what the reason is. Has the official informed me or has there been a similar explanation that I haven't found? If the person I know clearly gives me a link to have a look, and is that since the server is locked, why let the outgoing server? I sent it from 119, but now I can't send it back. It's very unreasonable. I hope someone can solve this problem. I love this game. I don't want it to become a bad environment
  2. I encountered an error in the transmission. Can someone help me I'm on 119 server. Yesterday, I moved my role to another server. After learning the blueprint, when the role is transferred back to the server 119, one of them has the error of [unable to get the role list, please try again later], and I can't download the role successfully. Today's login shows that server transport has been disabled. Can't my role be transferred back to server 119? If you can come back, when will it be open for transmission? When is the specific transmission time? Can other objects or dinosaurs be spread? Where is the detailed introduction of server delivery? I'm a rookie and I'm not very good at games. I hope someone can help me
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