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  1. if only, but then the titan can spawn corrupted, so can you then make an army? and a king kaiju is also good to build technically a entire tribe and village on. so these are my thoughts about it. hope you think these are good and that maybe [MAYBE!] devs also like these ideas
  2. I need a safe place for me and my dinos. any thoughts?
  3. Best place for me to build? people suggestions all who looks at this can you all tell me where I should build my base in the island? feel free to say where the best recommended place is to build. I'll just wait here.
  4. we have a server? So we have a server? I wanna ask something but I just remember that the other type of server is where you have to stay close to the host. do you have a valguero server? I love that place!
  5. How I see the ark I see the ark as an opportunity for young men and women to discover stuff about dinosaurs, and other prehistoric creatures and what they eat, and how to survive if they ever come back from a REAL jurassic park. and not just an opportunity but a fun way to express yourself. if you like to be a evil guy who kills everything then you can, but in creative. I see ark as a useful game. I hope you think the same way about ark.
  6. there is a ravine that I have as a PVE base, a place for my water dinos, a place for all my dinos, only way in is from above, and through my gate. I sort of... did it in creative for other people to join me, and so if anyone wanna join me then just ask.
  7. the center has some good places that are safe from other dinos, and so I choose the safest, and make an amazing village
  8. Come watch my movie the ark I will be streaming the ark on mixer so when I do come watch
  9. Come watch my movie the ark I will be streaming the ark on mixer so when I do come watch
  10. one of the best base locations in the island below the green obelisk, there is a perfect place to put dinos and have a base. great place, but not the only place...
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