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  1. Kicked from ocean Biome Every time i go to clear the map on Ocean Biome just as I'm about to clear the last little bit of the map i get kicked and when I return its all fogged up again??
  2. Unofficial xbo map transfer crashes I continuously crash every time I use the transmitter to go from map to map....without fail I lose connection etc...I'm getting tired of this. I sent in a ticket but of cause never heard a thing back
  3. Painting not wprking Since update most paints won't work. Stuff I've painted before are either not showing up as the colour/color I placed or even c9ming up as a different colour...the red brick colour I placed before update is now a yellow
  4. Skin purchesses gone and don't respawn Ok so WC what the hell??? Since this update, yet again has screwed things up...the skins I bought from xbo store the quetzal and Stego tek skins have gone from storage and unequiped from my Quetzal...they don't spawn back into my inventory when every other skin does....I checked on my manage game info and they are there and installed. Can I have back what I paid for please
  5. Crashing EVERYTIME I travel to maps Ok I'm on Unofficial PC Sessions and they have all maps sort from scortched earth right now....but when I travel to another map I crash EVERY TIME without fail....this is highly frustrating. I'm on Xbox one s
  6. Ya I don't understand what's going on lol. I'll l9g in and all lights including the lamppost are all set back on high every time
  7. Tek Lights The Tek Lights keep resting after a sort while. I'll set the intensty from high to low and after awhile the reset back to high again??? Is this been going on for a while? I'I'mnew to the tek side of things and its very annoying having to set them every time they reset.
  8. Looking for a group Hi Guys and gals. Im playing this on xbox one and do have it on pc but it's shared so can't play it on there. Im sort of new to the game and I know the basics. Anyway I'm looking for a clan or group I can 0lay with. South Australia preferred due to time zones. I'd like to join a group for PVE only and only have the standard ark right now as I'm unsure what I want to do. But anyway xbox tag is Devils Titan80
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