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  1. cant connect so I'm wondering if anyone else had had this problem or if its just me. so I have been playing legacy pve for a couple years I built an impressive base, and then one day about three months ago I started having connection issues. My download is 28.8 mb and the download and upload is 2.7 . decent on either side, so my ping is 9999 on most of the servers whether they are official or unofficial, some servers are 142 or even 82 but I cannot join. some things I have already tried are buying a hard copy of the game bought a second ps4 to see if it was a hardware issue hardwired the ps4 to the modem to eliminate potential wifi error created second playstaion plus account in case there was a issue with my account resetting the modem I have a tribe mate that lives a few streets over and he has no issue. I should also mention that I will be playing and it will suddenly kick me and Im not able to reconnect for days. I have no issues with connecting on other games like COD or GTA. neither system will connect. im at a loss here. any suggestions?
  2. I have been having issues with this game loading for a while, it seems that after this latest patch however you guys are now having issues as well. I have lost over 750 tames on official and had my base decay because of this issue. Right now im kinda disappointed that I bought genesis on the day of release because im seriously considering quitting this game after two years of hard grinding every single day. WC needs to address these issues. it would be nice to have some type of statement, some information anything. So far I have bought a second PS4 and game to see if it was a issue with the system or because I had been playing off a digital copy, that never worked. I bought another membership and created another character to see if it was my account that was having issues, no that never worked. I hard wired the ps4 to the router, which in turn meant arranging my home differently. No that never worked, so if you or anyone else has any insight into how I can fix this, I'm out of ideas. My upload is 30mbs and download is 2.8mbs . Sometimes the Server will ping 90 and other times 9999 but the result is the same. "Join failed connection timed out". I play legacy official, but can not connect to any server, or even unofficial. any thoughts? @ #survivetheark
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