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  1. also, forrest green is still white right now, color palette is broke
  2. several servers just went missing I don't know what just happened but 2 of my tribes servers are missing now, and I am noticing that several abberation servers are gone. Please report your down servers via the link on the home page titled "report a server outage" Also, to wildcard, this game has been increasingly impossible to try and play due to the amount of bugs taking place. I highly suggest you start titling your sections of code to mitigate this because it really should not be happening to the scale that has been taking place.
  3. Is the bug with the Ice Wyverns on Valguero ever going to be fixed? This issue was brought up months ago in the forums and has yet to be resolved. There are complaints about ice wyverns being stuck in pods, also a similar issue with golems on valguero as well as some other things that all appear to be related. I have wyverns stuck in pods with raptor heads. I already gave up on a few of them and just threw them away. I went on valguero to get wyvern eggs for the valentines day event and the eggs disappeared from the obelisk when I was back on my home server. I spent 4 hours trying to get my tribe event wyverns to have that happen. I came back and built a base just to hold on to eggs so we could get event wyverns. I don't want to have to maintain more bases, I just want to be able to play the game. I thought traveling the arks was a part of how this game is supposed to be played. This is a very frustrating problem and now I have eggs sitting in the fridge waiting to be hatched and I want to know what I need to do to get them back to our home server safely. This is beyond frustrating, there have been several complaints on this but it does not appear to be getting addressed or even acknowledged. Will the issue ever be addressed or resolved?
  4. months and this issue has not been addressed, spent 4 hours getting eggs so we could have event wyverns and they just gone in the ob
  5. it has been months and it looks like absolutely nothing has been done to address this issue, I spent 4 hours gathering ice wyvern eggs so we could have event wyverns and they just disappeared
  6. I spent 4 hours running eggs for event eggs and learned the hard way on this, i guess the ice wyvern is just something thats gonna go extinct since there has been obviously no effort to fix this at all if you got em, clone em, its the end of the ice wyvern
  7. here's the headline we should all be posting under on the forums, extinction is now unplayable, can't enter wasteland cuz corrupted dinos are invisible, all maps unable to place large stone walls and stone stairs, not sure if other structures are affected, lots of people having problems with "cannot deploy" dinos going missing from cryopods... really just disappointed about how hard it has been to try and do anything on ark lately, just one thing after another, not sure if it's just getting worse or staying consistantly crap, ever since October there has been really extreme problems that make it next to unplayable, I can't even get to a terminal on extinction and I really can't work on building my forts right now and I am just generally sick of losing dinos that take a very long time to tame and raise and care for due to constant glitches, wildcard really needs to cut us some slack, not sure how many other people are just watching everything they have been working for just turn to ashes while whatever madnesss I assume this is related to genisis, is taking place, game doesn't work, what's the point in playing it anymore? It's getting to that point really.... I am excited for the dlc but I really feel it is the cause of the problem and I really can't help but wonder why it is causing such extreme problems and why controls aren't in place to prevent it from being so problematic. If anything, if this is what is causing these problems it would be really nice if Wildcard could at least own up to it and let us all know what is going on and why and with the amount of loss that is taking place maybe even find a way to compensate by giving us dino packs or something for everything we are losing as a result of this horrible mess. However there is not even open acknowledgement of these problems taking place and I feel that is just blatant disrespect of the community. I'm getting pretty upset over it at this point because it has been constant for almost 2 months now.
  8. yup, this is going on, same problem on xbox official *sigh*
  9. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us
  10. they need to lower the standards on taming and harvesting if they aren't going to fix this game, there is way too much investment involved for when everything wants to glitch out and malfunction and it has been pretty constant lately
  11. same here, I got killed by a invisible fire wyvern earlier, well, doing anything useful on extinction right now is just not happening, seeing people complaining on facebook about this too
  12. corrupted are spawning, they are just invisible, I got killed by a corrupted fire wyvern a little bit ago that I could not see at all and I am also seeing a multitude of complaints on Facebook about the corrupted being invisible on Extinction
  13. Anyone having problems with podded dinos disappearing? I've been seeing posts about dinos disappearing in pods on my fb groups and I am wondering if anyone on here can report having that problem. I have not had that problem yet but my buddy who is on the same server as I am just lost half his collection of rexs after the winter wonderland ended so I figure it's time to start talking about this issue on here.
  14. oh crap, well now it's just no sessions found for anything... gonna hard reboot my console, this is just what is happening right now but nothing really seems to work lately and the game is just been practically unplayable and if I try to play I just lose all my stuff cuz it's constantly freaking out....
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