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  1. So ya, event is over. Performance is still crap. Not quite as bad but definitely proportional to the no event population drop. So in a sense I'm looking forward to Genesis, just because my Valg server pop will be lower I'm expecting Genesis to be a complete cluster. If it isn't or they fix the lag spike for 5-30s every 15 minute issue, maybe I'll buy it. But for now I'm convinced either the devs only know how to copy and paste from stack overflow or they're understaffed and the management isn't prioritizing tech debt and bug/performance fixing.
  2. I think you're incorrectly assuming that it will be better after they end the event. But I'm fairly sure it's the new anti-meshing code. My server was having problems before the event started and it was around the time it was put in. Plus the issues from the Winter event didn't really go away either, only slightly lower population. So most likely the same performance issues that you're having now won't go away. But ya, my server has been crashing once or twice every single night and now I'm stuck staying up 3h late due to a server crash or loosing my 100% imprint on my gigas. Once they fix this stuff I might buy Genesis, but I doubt enough people refused to buy it to make it worth them fixing the other issues.
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