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  1. Ark developers should code some common sense to themselves.
  2. Was wearing flak armor and had 9 points on fortitude. Could stand up and take 2 steps before passing out.
  3. I agree. If I understood correctly with my googling spawn killing with structures is not allowed. I could be wrong. My base is at valguero aberration and finding drops can take a while since theres no obelisks. Sometimes it can take 15-30 min in which time I could get the resources I lost on the spawn kill + you have to do it again. This was my reasoning when I thought about transferring. But ill rather spend the extra 30 minutes setting a 1x1 bed then getting clubbed again ^^
  4. Spawn killing. Legit strategy? Yes I'm newbie. Got my base setup and needed flyers so I decided to go to Ragnarok for easy pte's and mutton. Spawning there I meet with a naked dude with club banging my head. Unconscious and dead. I lost 10 cryopods and 300 narcs 50 darts and small stuff. For that moment I couldn't decide if I should feel wronged. Next time setup 1x1 base with bed was my initial thought. Is sitting from minutes to hours waiting for new comers for their 4 seconds of cinema vulnerability a legit strategy? I've got 2 different kind of answers. "That sucks" or "It's pvp get used to it".
  5. Small tribe pvp server - Recruiting Hello, Looking for people interested of pvp small tribe servers (Max 6 players per tribe). Hoping for people to have some kind of and different experience. Knowing about taming, resource gathering efficiency, breeding, raiding and general tips and tricks in-game is appreciated. We have 3 members so far. We are taking more members. When were not accepting members anymore I will change edit this post. We have 3 members so far. Discord for chat: j-smooth#0366
  6. Lets play some ark Got back to ark about 2 months ago and been active since. Mostly experienced in Ragnarok, Island, Scorched earth and aberration. I do plenty of googling on things i don't know when not playing. On public days I play about 4-5 hours and more on weekends. I mainly look for efficient ways to gather resources and defenses with fellow tribe mates. Together we are strong! Send a discord request and happy to answer questions.
  7. Stealing wyverm egg and flying inside 4x4 metal base. When you steal an egg the wyverns chase you and if they catch you they fly on your body till it despawns with the egg. Im asking what happens if you steal egg with pte and fly into 4x4 base and just reserve the egg so it lasts like 15 days. Cryo the pte and fast travel somewhere. Will the wyverns fly around the 4x4 base for 15 days?
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