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  1. Due to wildcard completely breaking extinction with this last update we decided to change it over aberration.
  2. Extinction is now live!! We currently have three maps and will be adding a 4th map in 2 weeks. Maps: 1) Ragnarok - 20 slot - PVP with ORP 2) Valguero - 32 slot - PVP 24/7 3) Extinction - 10 slot - PVP 24/7 4) Genesis - coming soon...
  3. We will be launching genesis when it becomes available at the end if this month.
  4. RudeBoy’s Ark is starting to get populated with lots of new tribes. Come join us on the Ark!! Search filter: RudeBoy’s Ark. PvP, all maps, unofficial pc hosted.
  5. We are adding a Dino Shop to the cluster so tribes can buy Dino’s from different DLC’s. DM me any specific Dino’s you might want to see available at the Dino Shop!!!
  6. Wildcard wiped a bunch of servers yesterday, ours included. So we are now a day one cluster again. Come join us on the ark and see if you can become the Alpha tribe!! Server Name - Rudeboys Ark. BRAND NEW CLUSTER Server Name - Rudeboys Ark Maps - Valguero & Ragnarok Fresh wipe as of 12/12/19 Community Center & Server Shop 15x gather rates 25x taming 4x Player stats 50x breeding 30x hatching 200 Turret limit Custom Dino’s and giveaways Starters Auto unlock all engrams
  7. Ragnarok now has a community center located on the bridge above the water canyon. You’ll know it when you see it.
  8. Cloning Gachas!! This one produces black pearls!!! Come join us on RudeBoys Ark. New tribes get starters.
  9. New tribes get a starter kit. Just ask for it In the global chat and If I’m on I’ll give you one. See you on the Ark!
  10. To find the servers simply type “RudeBoy” into the search bar and both Ragnarok and Valguero will show up.
  11. Maps and settings: •Valguero and Ragnarok •New Server •15x gather rates •25x taming •Unlimited weight •4x Melee •4x health/stam •50x breeding •30x hatching •Custom Dino spawns •PVP 24/7 •Server Shop •Auto unlock all engrams
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