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  1. So what if they did more damage only if they repeatedly hit the same spot?
  2. Not when you can buy dozens for 5 dollars on FB. They've duped meks by the thousands.
  3. Not as beach bum full Tek water base 5 meks wiped it in about 10 min. I've been playing since early legacy days. The game has gotten too hostile . It's just full of toxic lazy ppl most have never grinded a day in their life . Just hop in a Mek and go steal other ppls hard work .there's no effective way to defend from meks unless you are a mega tribe base with acres and acres of defences and turrets . When you got to 5 different servers and get wiped in the most hidden places by meks in a week. Like dude bought on FB 60 meks for 5 bucks. They are every where . Unless you can afford a large defe
  4. Meks have broken ark more than I thought possible Meks need to be taken out. They are overpowered and have flooded everywhere. Guy on my server just bought like 70 for like 5 bucks. Yes 70 meks 5 dollars. Got Mek ran in underwater base by 5 meks couldn't defend against it. 180,000 health squid with 120+ saddle was killed before I could take 1 out. There's ppl who go around just destroying low pop / developed servers keeping them from building up. One of my old servers ppl went around every night with a giga and Mek with Tek helmets destroying everything on server. It's to the point new playe
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