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  1. For the n'aime i think something like " battle tartare" will be good.
  2. And people have more Time for farming so it's not a reason. If rate will be ajusted they will be lowered
  3. 1 they are people who spam raft to rush the dino tame limit of the server. 2 ok. 3 will be awesome to see that! 5 will be to op ( WC said allowing player to pickup thing when they want will to op
  4. Commence par écrire ta suggestion en anglais si tu veux être vue. Après si on faisait quelque chose comme ça le problème serait le nombre de nouvelle animation qui ferait une énorme misa a jour (surement plus de 80gb )
  5. Better tek replicator The tek replicator will be able to smelt Iron faster than an industrial forge (30 per craft, indu is 20 normal is 1) , Cook food like the industrial cooker with the ability to create custom food and do not need water for dye/custom recipe. He may also be a better grinder without a ressource cap or a mortar who craft cementing past , spark powder and hun powder realy fast at a lower Price. Maybe Also add a craft for blood pack from Leach blood Why not, for balancing, the replicator need the original craft station (to work as a forge need an industrial forge in inventory)
  6. Chat not opening my chat didn't work: when is presse the Key (enter) nothing appen. The bug is on every server/SP and every Map I alredy tryed validating file Any help will be apprecied
  7. On pc you cant do summon owl 150 and spawn a 150 wild owl
  8. Wild/tamed is like summon/gmsummon and you must write the entire spawncode ("blueprint/.....) If you want a wild dino of a custom level
  9. Easiest cheat code The Idea is simple: The summon codes will be something like this Summon quetzal (lvl) male Or maybe a gfi code like this Gfi (item) (number) (% of damage) (durabilité)
  10. Good Idea maybe adding a codes to force ressources respawn
  11. I play with a very Bad connections si 10 minutes isn't enough to reconnect
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