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  1. This evening we will be adding Crystal Isles to our cluster! We welcome any that would like to join us in the fun!
  2. Tonight we had our Best in Show for the best spring colored babies! It was fun & everyone helped picked out the prizes. Join us tomorrow afternoon in the fun shenanigans during our fresh play through after our wipe! First Place! Second Place! Third Place!
  3. Wipe Hype! Sunday June 7th we're going to be wiping our cluster in order to introduce a PVP map! Join the fun!
  4. Tonight at 6 PM EST, we invite everyone to our Cluster for our Battle Bot Event! We love new faces and meeting new people!
  5. Last night was a super fun Laser Tag event! We had a great turnout and the winning team got special prizes! Hope to see more friendly faces for our event next weekend!
  6. Last night we had our monthly Best In Show Event! The turn out was great but we would always love to have more! It was a Best Dire Bear "Momma Bear" Event in honor of Mothers Day. We hold events like this every month with a preset theme depending on what holiday is in that month or what season it is! We give away prizes & all sorts during the event in addition to the winnings that the 3 winners get. This is just some of what we do. We also host events on our event map in a PvP style setting for fun, but the rest of our cluster is PvE. Myself and the other two admins do our very best to
  7. Before our wipe be sure to come join us for the Admin House raid and several other off the wall events this weekend!!
  8. Have a safe and very iridescent new year everyone! Also the aforementioned dino level change that was set for January 15th was implemented already. Come join us!
  9. Are you looking for a new place to meet new people? A change up from the norm? I’m sure that we got you! We’re a small cluster with a big personality!! Rainbow Rex is the combined result of having played in other places and not enjoying the experience we had. We wanted to build a community that is safe for you to enjoy playing a game with others as well as not having to fear being who you want to be. You do you! That being said, we consider ourselves a safe place for everyone, including any LGBTQ+ members we have. We hold community votes for cluster wide changes because unlike o
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