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  1. I can give you my .ini file to see whether it's a problem in your game file or command lines. Remember to change the other multipliers back to your own preference afterwards. GameUserSettings.ini
  2. It does help me - allowing pickup any structure at anytime. Search the command lines with not only eyes, but also use "find" in "Edit". Type "Always" to find this command line, or make sure it is not in the .ini file. Put new command line in-between existing command lines, otherwise the game might ignore what we have typed. I added this command line here:
  3. [Structure Plus(S+)] Now Respecting Vanilla Pick-Up Settings According to the latest discussion in Steam Workshop, Orionsun - the developer of S+ mod, has removed the pick-up function from this mod - respecting vanilla settings. This is applied since the recent major update on S+ mod. Additionally, S+ tool guns have been merged into one, and some of the S+ structures now have different Health. Please check in-game to familiarize them, or if your want to repair some structure due to the health change. This doesn't mean we all have to obey to the vanilla settings on picking up structures. ARK: Homestead update has add 4 server configuration command lines in GameUserSettings.ini, in ..\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor(for me, single player). The command lines are "AlwaysAllowStructurePickup", "StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement", "AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures" and "StructurePickupHoldDuration". If you don't have these command lines in .ini file, please add it manually under "[ServerSettings]" section. AlwaysAllowStructurePickup: Boolean, the default is false. If set to true, any structures can be picked up at anytime, anywhere. StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement: Float value, the default is 30. This value is the time(in seconds) that allows players to pickup a structure after it has been placed if AlwaysAllowStructurePickup is set to false. AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures: Boolean, the default is true. If false disables all of the new S+ structures (intended mainly for letting unofficials that want to keep using the S+ mod version to keep using that without a ton of extra duplicate structures). StructurePickupHoldDuration: Float value, the default is 0.5. How long(in seconds) players have to hold E and place their mouse on radar menu to pickup a structure. 0 means instant pick-up. This is quite a huge change in modded ARKs. I hope this topic can help as many players as possible. References: 1. Discussion page on Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/731604991/4203492762828736718/ 2. Server Configuration - by official ARK pedia: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration#ARK:_Homestead_specific
  4. Thank you so much. I'm planning to establish a private server. This trick, the rollback, will save me for a lot of times, absolutely.
  5. Recover Mods Failure I sometimes accidentally start the game (single player) without giving time for mods to install or update, result in items all missing. After I restarted through normal way, all the missing now becomes permanent and not recoverable. I then have to use ACM or console command to recover my losses. Then, I find out a trick to recover any missing before it becomes permanent. First, pause the game immediately using pause command, or use Esc key to pause for single player mode. If the game is saved before it is paused, then the items are all gone. Then, open Windows Tast Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Task Manager), kill/end the ShooterGame.exe task, which is the ARK. This prevent the game to overwrite the backup data, hence prevents item missing becoming permanent. Last but not the least, launch the game and wait for mods to install properly. Make sure they are all installed/updated. Then the game can be safely restarted. By doing these, the game will load the last backup file which is not updated when you noticed the missing item. As the data of mods was saved in that file, all missing item based on mods will be recovered. Tested just now, for HazeStacks. I wish my suggestion would help anybody.
  6. It's highly recommended to do bosses from easy(Gamma) to normal(Beta) then hard(Alpha), so you will be fully prepared for the next difficulty. With default settings, a group of max leveled, mutated, better inherited Rex(es) with a Yuty and a Daeodon(Fully stocked with Superior Kibble) as supports should be enough to deal with the boss. Boss DPS creature should have 30k+ health, the rest of the points can be fully invested to melee damage, or a few to movement speed as the Manticore moves quite fast. If you plan to use multiple Daeodons, Rex should then have as less health as possible (~20k, less than 15k will result in certain loss) as the Dragon deals percentage-based damage from its fire breath. Having less health will make its breath less deadly and make your daeodon healing more efficient. The Dragon must be taken down first, otherwise all of your tames will be "cooked" by its fire breath and ascendant saddles won't save them. In Ragnarok, Dragon takes 300% damage from all source, render its easier to be eliminated than in The Island.
  7. You have to pass all the previous labyrinth room PROPERLY so the labyrinth mechanic can prepare for you. Otherwise the mechanic ignores you, hence no boss will come out. In the Oasis, kill a Megaloceros to trigger the spirit wolf and bear. Defeat them from lvl.50 to lvl.250 to get rid of the force field protecting the artifacts. See more about Life's Labyrinth: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Life's_Labyrinth_(Ragnarok)
  8. Megatherium only take 25% damage (75% Absolute Resistance), deal 250% damage other objects, and deal 375% damage to insects and arthropods while under the buff "Bug Killer". The buff is activated once the Megatherium kills an insect or arthropod (which includes Araneo, summoned by Broodmother) for 120 seconds, making them overwhelmingly stronger than Rex during a Broodmother fight, or anyother occasions with the presence of bugs. See Megatherium on wiki: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Megatherium#Roles
  9. Spino Rush is considered as the next best strategy to do Broodmother (The best being Megatherium with no doubt). There are shallow water pool in her ("its" should be more appropriate?) arena making Spino capable to gain Hydrated buff, increases their attack damage, movement speed and health regeneration. Spino should be able to get rid of Broodmother with Yuty only standing at the back and just roaring and encouraging them. Yuty doesn't have to join the fight (sometimes can be difficult to command if Spino are moving around, causing them to "miss" a roar). Get some Megatherium now, they are much easier to tame and breed than Spino. They also harvest incredible amount of chitin for you.
  10. Anything got my back scares me. I have Tek Helmet so I can scan whatever ambush in my sight, but not backwards. So now, I will start to run once the combat BGM begins, meaning there is something going to attack me but I haven't noticed yet.
  11. Succeed in Life Labyrinth in Ragnarok with Tek armor and got some ascendant gears. Ancient Puzzles are just nothing in front of the Power of the Future~~~ I was too right to beat the Alpha Dragon in The Island in stead of in Ragnarok, and unlocked the Tek Chestpiece, which is sooooooo useful~!
  12. This is absolutely right. Some of the containers that do more than just containing things can be switched off or somewhat. Using F will just open the container without doing any change to them. In another hand, E is used to interact with something, not opening a container, F is the key to do this job.
  13. New players should treat themselves well by changing game settings to an easier standard. These include, but are not limited to Harvest Amount, Player Resistance, EXP Gaining, Taming Speed, and use helpful mods such as Death Recovery, HG auto picking up and Structure Plus (S+). ARK is not a game designed to play individually. Players can get bored while playing alone. There are also a lot of limit in single player mode. Some good strategy can only be used at least 2 players, such as "Pteranodon Catch and Shoot", "Tapejara Tail Gun". Having friends with you also makes harvesting, gathering and leveling more efficient, and makes exploring, especially cave exploring much easier, as once the player is knocked off in the cave, it will be the end of their life. In this case, a friend can feed them stimberry or stimulant to save them. As a new player, they should NEVER try PVP first. Try a friendly multiplied PVE server first. If couldn't find any, play single player or non-dedicated server. If the game is too difficult or too easy, change the game settings immediately until you find desired challenge, achievement and excitement throughout the game playing. New player may use console command when they encounter a bug. Press Tab (above Caps Lock) to open command entry. Search commands here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands . A bug can be: Getting stuck in structure or terrain, Losing items abnormally (Sometimes it changes to Blueprint form in slots after restart, or just disappear), Artifact not spawning, and any incident that is considered as a bug. Players have already paid for this game, they are not responsible to confront bugs. These are just before-game suggestions. For a summary: Players have the right to change the difficulty as whatever as they like. The following will be in-game tips: First of all, new players should not spawn at a "not-recommended" place. Doing so may result in a instan-death and ruin their feelings. Choose easy start point. Remember the mechanics, pick up stones and bushes and hit the trees, make tools and armor progressively. Hunt weak, passive-flee creatures such as Dodo and Lystrosaurus to get hide and meat. Unlock bola as soon as possible. Once players have bola, small size carnivores will become easy prey and tame. Narcotic is not a must for taming, bola-ed creature can be knocked off using a wooden bola, or simpler, using fists. Raptor can pounce players, but players can EVADED this by preforming a jump just before the raptor leaps up. Once the raptor missed the pounce, it is no longer a major threat and can be easily bola-ed, killed or tamed. Check here for creature immobilized by Bola and other traps: https://ark.gamepedia.com/List_of_Creatures_Immobilized_by_Traps . Try to build a wooden hide out and reach lvl.20 as soon as possible. At lvl.20, players will gain access to metal tool, which is hugely different to stone age. Soon, unlock fur and ghillie armor as fur allow player to explore cold area, and ghillie reduces creature aggro range, making exploring safer. Chitin, Flak and Riot armor usually will NOT save players from larger carnivores, unless at a good quality: Journeyman, Master or Ascendant. Having a shield is always a good idea. Having a long-lasting shield, combined with armor set and sword, both at good quality, is the only way player should make a melee engagement with a large carnivore. Grappling hook is extremely helpful for cave exploring. Most of the shortcut will be accessible with grappling hook and parachute. When jumping between platform with lava or bottomless pit below, use Grappling hook instead of jump. Also, remember to ride something while exploring a cave, use a mount as a preserve of your life instead. Do not go to Snow Cave or Swamp Cave until you wish to beat the Dragon. Also utilize the use of Sleeping Bag in case of dangerous confrontation. There are more than one way to beat the game, so invest points on stats based on wishes. (I had a friend who has had 4500 Oxygen stat because she describe herself as a submarine, who does underwater caverns and search deep-sea loots). Learn engrams when necessary only. These're the ideas I have at the moment. I will add more tips if asked.
  14. 10 Gigas are convinced to be enough to deal with Forest Titan. To summon this titan, you need to go down into the Crater Forest, find the Forest Cave at the north end of the underground forest, reach the terminal inside it and summon it just like you summon bosses on The Island or Scorched Earth. Forest Titan will spawn on a flat ground near to the buried Blue Obelisk. You may leave most of your Gigas there and head into the cave with your most reliable mount. Once you made it on the terminal, you will be teleported out to the flat ground used for fighting. This teleportation doesn't have a weight limit, you may use Giga to murder the entire cave just fine. To summon Forest Titan, you need: 10 Sauropod Bone (From Bronto and Diplodocus) 10 Rex Arm (From Rex) 100 Corrupt Heat (From Corrupted: Paracer, Spino, Rex, Giga, Wyvern and Reaper) Artifact of Growth (Can be found in the Forest Cave, on the way to the terminal) See more on Wiki: Crater Forest: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Crater_Forest_(Extinction) Forest Cave: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Forest_Cave_(Extinction) Forest Titan: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Forest_Titan
  15. The GamePedia announced that unridden dinoes hurts element veins. However, it's not yet tested. Element Vein is a "horde" event, so it is highly advised to do it with your friends. The followings are based on my single-player experience: In my experience, it is hard to navigate on foot with big dino, because there are veins on the ground everywhere that acts like obstacles, so your preparation is great. Small, Medium creatures can navigate easily throughout the arena. You've mentioned the element vein has 25k health, which means it is a medium vein that attracts corrupted creatures leveled between 30~90. The corrupted carno and raptor could be the biggest challenge as it spawns a lot in this case, so it is highly advised to use a powerful main mount, perhaps a Rex or a Yutyrannus, to deal with these annoying corrupted guys. Rex has more health, damage and attack speed, and Yuty can attract corrupted creature using its intimidation roar(Right Click) , protect your potential loots, and buff your support group. Wooden Spike Wall is extremely effective in these horde events. You can always craft more of them using hide from local creatures, wood from trees and fibre from bushes. Use it like a consumable, not a structure. - - - - - - - - - - Most of the guide will only give information for optimal cases. Always bring extra supply! Don't feel sad if you have lost a dino or left a node being destroyed, as you don't have time during a battle. See more about Element Vein: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Element_Node_(Extinction)
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