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  1. NA PVE Rag 408 in PVP mode NA PVE Rag 408 is being listed in PVP mode We can log in but can't interact with anything.
  2. You have to have full screenshots (unclipped) of your implant, something showing your level and your tribe manager showing you are the owner. They will not fully restore you even with all of that. You may get a few tek engrams back such as transmitter, teleporter, cloner but won't have ascension restored. I believe they can fix this issue if they want to. I posted a proposed fix here:
  3. Fix the lost character problem I lost a character while doing a transfer yesterday. At best I can only expect a few of my tek engrams to be restored and will lose my ascension, et. That really isn't an acceptable "fix". I'm not familiar with your coding or database design but do know coding and database deign well. I am a happily retired coder and data cowboy. Below is a suggested fix based on what I suspect is causing the problem. This fix is intended as food for thought. : The problem: Character data is transferred to a neutral database when a character is uploaded and is removed or tagged from the server it came from. When a destination server is selected the character data is sent there from the neutral server. If after downloading the data from the neutral to the destination server the destination server crashes prior to saving the character data is lost A solution: 1 Transaction Log Create a transaction log for the neutral server containing at least the character transfer transactions. 2 Backup Table Place a copy of all the character data currently held by the neutral server into a backup flat table or a relational table. Overwrite the backup data each time the same character is uploaded or add a new record containing a date/time stamp that can be used later to identify the correct backup to use. Restore command button 3 Add a Restore Lost Character button to the create character form invoked when a destination server has no active character present for the account. On click event 4 Run a query to check the transaction log for the accounts characters last destination. (Check all the characters for the account) 5 Logic IF the player characters last destination was to the same server the creation form is open for AND if the character is not currently present on that server THEN use a copy from the backup table to restore the character. Conclusion: The transaction log will prevent exploits. It will take a lot less time to code this than it’s taking you to partially restore lost characters and will result in a far better experience for your customers.
  4. Rag 408 has rolled back to prior to the Valentines day event. We did a lot of breeding and building and now it's all lost. We are utterly disgusted - no official word about it. I'm certainly not going to buy Genesis and may quit Ark all together.
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