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  1. Guys, this is getting really out of hand. 2 hours almost and server is still offline. At least respond to the issue!
  2. So a quick update. Server did not crash for a while, what is nice. Buuuut. The lagg is not getting any better. (Edit: Just while I was writing this, the server crashed again.) We were doing yesterday the Lifeslabyrinth. It was the most frustrating experience we had in our collective 700 hours on the server with my friend Killpls. Just a few direct examples. We just did the fire room, we are both safe on the other side, with our shoulder pets, then we randomly teleport back to the fire room and we die. Pets lost, restarting from scratch. So we have now 30 minutes to get back to the fire room to at least get our loot - so we are doing the jumpy bit at the start, and when I finish with it, I randomly teleport back and fall, and have to do it again. Great. Finally we got to the long tunnel with the platforms. I have speedrunning experience a bit but it is an almost impossible task if you are teleporting back mid air just to fall and to start over again. The next room my friend died to the Onics and his loot disappeared, I dont know if this is a lagg, bug or simply a feature. Doesnt matter, start over and some stuff lost - but going trough after the SAME LAGGY DAMN PROCESS was again over 90 minutes. Because both of our shoulder pets died in the fire room due to the lagg, in the end my friend had to sacrifice himself in the flames so we could at least get one set of artifacts. Well, I tought our perils are over but boy was I wrong... In the long room where you have to run between the walls, I lagged and teleported back in the corridor and got crushed by the walls. I was lucky to not die but I sure had a small cardiac arrest. So long story short: Please fix this piece of rubbish you dare call a server. I purchased this game in alpha stage, it has been 6-7 years now and you still can't guarantee paying customers a working game environment? This is just simply ridicoulous. Good day, Greg
  3. Hey, Can confirm this completely. Previously it was laggy but pretty consistent: every 5-7 minutes one spike. Now it is lagging every minute, with stutters and massive incosistencies in events. It is hard to play at all currently and we have lost maybe the most time from the event, sometimes with complete crashes and sometimes with 30-40 minutes loss time in 3-4 hours. This server has an amazing community, so it would be amazing if the poor server performance would destroy it.
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