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  1. 2 hours ago, 145273 said:

    i can take down a titan with one giga this is on medium though and the line hatches at 380 melee, in your case i would not try this especially with super low melee and no saddle

    can i change the difficulty settings?

  2. How Many Gigas to Take down Titanosaur

    I want to kill the titanosaur for xp and the most i thought the most viable option would be to take it down with Gigas since i dont have the Quetzel platform saddle, so I have tamed two gigas and bred them to get fully imprinted stats. I have 1 of these grown up and another 3 growing up with a egg incubating, the fully imprinted giga has around 40% mele and 30k health. How many gigas of these stats should I use to take down the Titanosaur or am I doing it all wrong?

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