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  1. Beehive location and harvest questions I play singleplayer only for fishing but seem beehive spawn random location? Is this true? Each time i created new singleplayer,beehive location change around South zone 1,if i play on official server,all 4 beehives will respawn around the beach. Gather giant bee honey seem to be one time per 15 mins in singleplayer but can be 5 times in official server if i change the direction with the beehive . How do i change setting like this? I asked on reddit but no one answer Tks
  2. Server is not responding and not list on ARK I verified files,open port,nothing work. I fake ip using Hotspotshield and i can connect to server 492. Using my home ip and found 90 servers while using fake ip found 97 servers. I tried restart my modem but nothing change,turn off firewall,still nothing.Dont know why i cant find server using my home ip. It just happened yesterday only.I really need why my friend can join but not me :( dont know what's wrong with my home ip?
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