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  1. Host tether distance. The slider doesn't actually limit you, you can type in as high value as you want. I have mine at 50 Well, that'll do you fine on the Island, and Rag and Ex for the most part at least, so long as you don't intend to go into any caves alone. If you're talking about the teleporting in certain zones (regardless of distance to the host)? I wholeheartedly agree, please do something about that WC. EDIT: Made this reply when OP wasn't filed under Console.
  2. i travelled with what is on picture between all maps all beds all dinos are there just do not see the notes i allready found  on last tp i had my hlna back so now only all the dossiers and notes that i allready had ( sorry for posting here but reached max on post for today)

    1. TheEclipseee


      All good! So what we're looking for- To see if the issue is what I suspect- is the minimap. The one you bring up with.. M by default iirc? If the file's been deleted or corrupted somehow, the only data you'll have lost is explorer notes/ taming progress, anything in your obelisk if cross-ark transfers are enabled, and the progress in uncovering the mini-map. Like, how when you move around the physical map, the colours and details on the mini map get filled in. That's stored in localrpofiles as well, so if that data got erased (meaning the mini-map is now blank)- then the issue is probably that the file's corrupted or been deleted on some way.

      If the mini-map is just as filled in as ever, I'm not sure what's going on. I'd recommend just getting a backup of the LocalProfiles file and replacing whichever one is currently sitting in your ARK folder with the backup. Make sure the game isn't running first, and if the server allows cross-ark transfers- Meaning you can, for example, tame a dino in singleplayer, upload it , and then download it on the server- then make sure there's nothing in your obelisk before you delete the current LocalProfiles file. Any uploaded dinos or items will be deleted and replaced with whatever's in the backup. Now, I'm not sure if it's different for servers that don't allow cross-ark transfers- I very rarely play on servers- and I don't think it would affect them, but I'd download everything anyway before you delete any files, just in case.

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